• What our community has accomplished!

    Through awareness, collaboration and working together, our 20's have delivered results!

    Create Prevention Through Awareness

    - Awareness presentations to 80,000+ citizens

    - Meal for Harris County District Attorney and Law Enforcement Training - Training with Survivor Spkr. Governors Curriculum Victim-Centered Collaborative Investigations & Prosecution

    - Law Enforcement: Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance (HTRA); 22 Agency event
    - Funded 2 programs...How to Shut Down a Brothel...How to Defend Your City

    Develop Trauma Informed Healing Solutions

    - -Purchased Stabilization/Emergency Assessment Ctr. (Minor girls) – Hope Rising -Furnishing. Mattresses Bedding and other needs: Elijah Rising
    -Privacy Fence for Long Term Residential Treatment - Redeemed Ministries
    -Donated to purchase of residential home for young women - Refuge for Women -Funded Trauma Informed Care and Equine Therapy for minor girls - The Landing -Funded STARS Program Trauma Informed Care - Santa Maria
    -Van donation with Alan Helfman for survivor group home - Refuge for Women

    Support Survivors to Lead a Free and Independent Life

    -The Landing: Diary of a Young Girl: Survivor Therapeutic Journaling Program

    -Started Survivor Transition Fund: granted over $5000+ directly to survivors

    Strengthen Laws to Punish Criminals and Support Victims

    National Legislation: FOSTA/SESTA - fight online sex trafficking

    State Legislation: